Local Church

If a Local New Testament Church is indeed “His Church”, it must be established only upon the foundational principles of the written Word of God. … Read More

Missions Page

Paul the Apostle was truly a New Testament Missionary. As an evangelist, he was the first to carry the gospel into un-reached regions of “…the field…” (Matthew 13:38 KJV) of the world… Read More

Our Doctrine

When Jesus Christ established His New Testament Churches, He did not leave it up to the human leadership of those ministries to decide which form of doctrine they would teach, preach, or perpetuate. He gave His Church exactly what He wanted them to have in the form of sound words… Read More

Youth Ministry

The Youth Program in a New Testament Baptist Church should be designed to prepare our young people to perpetuate old-fashioned Biblical Christianity to the next generation while helping… Read More