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BTC-logo-final-1Sunday September 16th, 2012

Philippians 2:4 “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.”

Someone who is not looking to practice the truth of this passage, could mistakenly criticize The Bible and say, “See, even God says it is alright to take care of my “..own things…” first. If that is how a person sees these words; they have missed the application of the words “… also on the things of others.” We ought to have the discipline to be people who do not let our personal “…things…” go undone…While we help others “… also…” !

People who choose to be busybodies could say in error, “See, it is ok for me to be involved with everyone else’s business; I can look “… on the things of others.” The truth is, God is telling us to be looking for the opportunities for us to help “…others…”

Another person with a self-centered view of these words could say, “See, other people ought to be helping me! God says so!” We ought to be people who first apply all Scripture to how we are to act toward God and others; before we are so quick to expect others to obey God and help us.

Take another good look at those words. When you see the word “…others…” what or who do you see on the list of your “…own things…” Is The Lord Jesus, His Church, His Purpose, and His “…things…” at the top of your list?

Pastor Luchon

Spiritual Shots For The Soul

A Bible Believing Christian is not forced or required to give up any good things in life: it’s all a simple matter of deciding to put the things of God first.